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Totally frustrated by traffic jams while shopping in retail stores, contributed to our
decision in creating iVeoir. The final decider was having to search individual websites and even spending hour’s on social media to find unique brands and products. So we gathered that with social media and retail collaborating, the best way to experience online shopping while accessing multiple brands a social way, would be to provide a social commerce like iVeoir. So we thought aid the transition of visual enquiry to physical purchase of products on our marketplace.

iVeoir gives you the ability to take your social presence to the next level create and
manage your own storefront, with iVeoir acting as your very own social network and online marketplace.We support vendors and provide great social validation of your brand accretive, whilst also driving product sales. This happens though storefronts encouraging the customers to interact with brands and gain updates on trending products from your favourite stores. We are the ultimate choice for new, independent and established brands.

We offer features that make people intrigued on your social media platforms like
Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest by viewing thumbnails to create a collage of a single snapshot of what’s on offer from iVeoir.

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