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Totally frustrated by traffic jams while shopping in retail stores, contributed to our decision in creating iVeoir. The final decider was having to search individual websites and even spending hour’s on social media to find unique brands and products. So we gathered that with social media and retail collaborating, the best way to experience online shopping while accessing multiple brands a social way, would be to provide a social commerce like iVeoir.

Fun fact: Middle and Old French verb veoir means to see. I + Veoir = I see 😉

We bring fans of inspired brands a marketplace with multiple online stores, in which customers engage in social orientated shopping.

We’re crafting a purpose-driven brand that inspires and captures people’s attention and also inspires them to purchase according to their own choices. iVeoir aims to provide a memorable social shopping experience for our users as well as provide a marketplace that inspires. We want to help to establish new brands to the market.

Why choose Iveoir?

We’re convenient
Multiple stores to explore
Safe and accessible
Create your own social profile and interact

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